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Margie C. Sweeney, MD, OFS, CPC is author of the daily devotional, “FEAR NOT – God’s love for you is real!” This book is not for sale but is available for donations made to Helping Hands Healing Ministries, Inc. You can contact Dr. Sweeney for details. Please also feel free to visit the Facebook page at Helping Hands Healing Ministries, Inc.

Dr. Sweeney is also an entrepreneur, family physician, obesity medicine specialist, life coach, medical missionary, philanthropist, Secular Franciscan, and speaker. She has traveled to East Africa and Haiti on medical mission trips and founded the nonprofit charity, Helping Hands Healing Ministries, Inc. after a life-changing trip to East Africa. She landed in Nairobi, Kenya on 9/11 and her life was forever changed!

As a Secular Franciscan, Dr. Sweeney takes her spiritual life seriously following in the footsteps of St. Francis of Assisi.

Dr. Sweeney provides a variety of consultation services and uses empowering, encouraging, guiding, inspiring, mentoring, motivating, nurturing, and teaching principles with her clients. She works with individuals and organizations to set goals and remove roadblocks so that they can realize their full potential in areas of health, relationships, spirituality, and career. Please e-mail her for more information or to schedule a consultation.

NEW SERVICE: Dr. Sweeney has a special interest in weight management for health promotion. She is certified in obesity medicine and offers weight management services.


Set goals, overcome road blocks and realize your full potential!

Please note: Information provided on this site is for educational purposes only and is not meant to treat any health conditions or to be a substitute for seeking care from your personal healthcare provider.

2 Responses to About Me

  1. Love your website and the intention behind Pearls of Wisdom….The Morof (Medical Office Resources of Florida ) family welcomes you to the organization.
    Dan O’Connell, MBA
    Morof Board Member and Ambassador Chair

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